The Mission

One of the missions of the HKPDF is to gather such information on a regular basis from various experts in the field, prepare it in such a way that is understandable to the informed layperson and make it readily accessible to our community.

This information that we provide is not intended to replace the specific advice that the attending doctor gives to the patient or their carers, but to complement that information. We hope that patients, their carers and our community would find the information useful in helping them to better understand and cope with Parkinson’s disease and its related disorders.


The objectives of the Hong Kong Parkinson's disease Foundation are to educate and update patients, primary carers and the Community on Parkinson's disease, funding self-help organizations formed by patients or other non-government organizations to hold activities for the benefits of the patients and providing financial support to education programs and medical researches in various aspect of Parkinson's disease.